Monday, April 23, 2007

Why women?

Today's newspapers have all commented on a report by ActionAid. This report ("Who Pays? How British supermarkets are keeping women workers in poverty") looks fantastic and well worth a read. Just wanted to quickly tag it up - I'm going to try and get through it in the next couple of days and report back but there are loads of good summaries in the 'papers. I've been trying to give up my supermarket habit recently and I hope this will spur me on to resist the two tescos, one sainsbury's and one somerfield that are within a ten minute walk of my flat!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hello to anyone out there who still occasionally checks this. Sorry for the lack of updates - in August last year I moved to Bristol and began the Legal Practice Course there. I have been really busy with the course and really poor with money so I can't afford the internet in my flat and have had no time to update at uni. However my final term begins in a week and the workload has eased off a bit so I should be back...until then I'm still around enjoying all of your writing.