Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hello to anyone out there who still occasionally checks this. Sorry for the lack of updates - in August last year I moved to Bristol and began the Legal Practice Course there. I have been really busy with the course and really poor with money so I can't afford the internet in my flat and have had no time to update at uni. However my final term begins in a week and the workload has eased off a bit so I should be back...until then I'm still around enjoying all of your writing.


At 12:48 pm, Blogger Michelle said...


Excellent timing! I'm just 'spring-cleaning' my blogroll, taking off ones that haven't been updated for ages, and I really didn't want to take yours off, and now I don't have to!

All the best with your studies xx

At 2:49 pm, Blogger la somnambule said...

Cheers :)

At 6:33 pm, Blogger Grace said...

Hi la somnambule,

Just came upon your blog through lauralin, via genderberg - I was just wondering are you permanently in Bristol, or will you be returning to Birmingham? Because I am from Birmingham and am in the process of setting up a group with some other local feminists, and we're still looking for more people to join!

If you're interested, please contact me (


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